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* Limited Exam & X-ray for Only $150! – Offer Ends May 31st –
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Gum Recession & Grafts in Silver Spring & Germantown, MD

Gum recession is a common condition that can be caused due to disease or poor oral hygiene habits. This condition can leave the teeth vulnerable and cause a number of other issues in the mouth. R3 Dental Group offers gum recession treatments and grafting to help relieve the issue. We welcome patients from Bethesda, Silver Spring, Germantown, Bowie, and the neighboring Maryland communities.

Complimentary Orthodontic Examination for Patients of All Ages

Your gums may have receded for a variety of reasons, including aggressive tooth brushing or periodontal disease. You may not be in control of what caused the recession, but prior to treatment, your periodontist can help you identify the factors contributing to the problem. Gum grafting will cover the exposed roots to protect them from decay, help reduce tooth sensitivity, and improve the aesthetics of your smile. Whether you have a gum graft to improve function or aesthetics, you’ll probably receive the benefits of a beautiful new smile and improved periodontal health: your keys to smiling, eating, and speaking with comfort and confidence.

What Is Gum Recession?

Gum recession is caused by advanced gum disease. When gingivitis goes untreated, gum disease (also called periodontitis) will cause gums to pull away from the teeth, leaving deep pockets where bacteria can grow and damage the bone that supports the teeth. Gums can also shrink back from the teeth, making the teeth look longer. Teeth may then become loose, fall out, or have to be pulled out by a dentist.

Do You Have Gum Recession?

A gum recession does not happen overnight. You may not even notice that your gums have receded, as it is a very slow, gradual process. However, without a gum tissue graft, recession can have a detrimental effect on the health and function of your teeth. If your dentist has diagnosed you with gingivitis or periodontal disease, it is important to notice if:
  • You have sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures, or even to sweet, spicy, or sour foods.
  • Your teeth appear longer than normal.
  • Spaces between your teeth seem to grow.
  • The roots of your teeth begin to show.

Types Of Gum Tissue Grafts

Connective tissue

To treat root exposure, connective tissue grafting involves a periodontist taking tissue from the roof of your mouth and attaching it to the exposed gum root. After removing the tissue, the palate flap is stitched back.

Free gingival

Similar to connective tissue grafting, a free gingival graft takes tissue directly from the mouth’s roof and attaches it to the target gum area. This is commonly used for individuals with thin gums to augment gum size.

Pedicle grafts

In this method, tissue is grafted from nearby gums rather than the palate. The flap, known as a pedicle, remains partially attached and is moved to cover the exposed root, then stitched. It’s suitable for those with ample nearby gum tissue. 

R3dental Comprehensive Dental Services

When you come to our office for your grafting procedure, a local anesthetic will be given to numb the areas involved. You may also receive medicine to help you relax. We want your experience in our office to be as comfortable as possible, so let us know if there is anything you need during your procedure.
If you are suffering from gum recession, contact us today to learn more about our treatments or schedule an appointment. R3 Dental Group offers gum recession treatments and grafting to men and women living in Silver Spring, Germantown, and Washington, D.C.

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